Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ted Cruz an unwitting Brutus to Trump's dream of becoming Caesar

Ted's video is kitschy, but I'm afraid Donald Trump is buttering up Cruz to follow his path of grandstanding for visibility and power.

 Ted Cruz mocked by political cartoonist Ann Telnaes for using his kids as political props:

My thoughts:

Ted Cruz is struck by a strange imbalance of what some enjoy as maverick bombast, offset by a Robin Williams-like need to go into unconvincing, theatrical emotive appeal. And, for this very characteristic, I believe he is symptomatic of and susceptible to the wiles and styles of Trump, who once jousted Cruz as a maniac and then backpedaled to endorse, likely as a future acquisition for running mate.

By contrast, regardless of what critics say about their foreign policies, Ron and Rand Paul stay in the reason zone, especially when it comes to rhetoric. I hate to think that Rand may never be electable for such a virtue - that he's not dramatic enough to win over our American couch culture. One would hope that the public would be happy to get their dose of drama from reality TV and know well enough to separate that need from life itself, but just the opposite is true. Like the late Greg Giraldo said (3:49), if they ever made a reality show about paraplegics being thrown in a lake and called it 'The Floater', not only would people watch, they would line up to be on the show.

Ironically, Trump harshly criticized the media for capitalizing on his media value during the Republican debates. But, Rand Paul points out how Trump has borrowed a lot of his own findings to tap into a voter base. Trump followed Paul's lead on keeping open dialogue with Putin, for example, but seems to be carrying it to another level and with curious reciprocity from Russia.

Trump can benefit from the youth and political roots of Ted Cruz, but it's the infamous 'Junior Senator' Rand Paul, ten years Ted's elder, who points out that the would be Emperor Trump isn't wearing any clothes. Trump has consistently and aggressively attacked Rand, and at some point I think Trump is going to show us he's a mob-style guy, bent more on muscle than good form, and he may just drag us all into deeper waters than he's prepared to swim. If he continues trying to push Rand out of sight completely, including his Senate seat, he may not have a clear head around to play lifeguard.

My prediction if Trump came to power - it would be a short and sweet several rounds of power stunts, flag planting and gloating, followed very shortly by a backlash of unimaginable horror and devastation from hostile forces to make 911 look like the warm-up gig.

And/Or, maybe we'd see some unconventional, creative negotiations with countries like Russia, China, and Iran that rope us into stranger configurations that further distort our world identity or recast us as Empire builder, as I can only imagine how much Trump may like to be Caesar. Ben Franklin predicted our Republic would inevitably fall like Rome, so maybe we need such an ego as The Donald to take us there. Perhaps Cruz would make an unwitting Brutus to complete the tragedy.

Once again, it's looking like the usual two terms left, two terms right, pendulum of executive power carrying the momentum, and furthering us from the Constitution.