Sunday, March 11, 2018

China AR smart glasses

Cost in 2016: US$608
AR for telecom maintenance service: 'Tier 1 telecom infrastructure company in China where technicians use them while doing maintenance service'.
AR for surgery:
Security tracking a highway check point on the outskirts of Beijing, local police are this week testing out a new security tool: smart glasses that can pick up facial features and car registration plates, and match them in real-time with a database of suspects. The AI-powered glasses, made by LLVision, scan the faces of vehicle occupants and the plates, flagging with a red box and warning sign to the wearer when any match up with a centralized "blacklist".

The test -- which coincides with the annual meeting of China's parliament in central Beijing -- underscores a major push by China's leaders to leverage technology to boost security in the country... Wu Fei, chief executive of LLVision, said people should not be worried about privacy concerns because China's authorities were using the equipment for "noble causes", catching suspects and fugitives from the law. "We trust the government," he told Reuters at the company's headquarters in Beijing.

This weekend while China's President Xi Jinping is expected to push through a reform allowing him to stay in power indefinitely, Reuters reports that the Chinese goverment is pushing the use of cutting-edge technology "to track and control behavior that goes against the interests of the ruling Communist Party online and in the wider world... A key concern is that blacklists could include a wide range of people stretching from lawyers and artists to political dissidents, charity workers, journalists and rights activists... 

"The new technologies range from police robots for crowd control, to drones to monitor border areas, and artificially intelligent systems to track and censor behavior online," Reuters reports, citing one Hong Kong researcher who argues that China now sees internet and communication technologies "as absolutely indispensable tools of social and political control."

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lost in Space title sequence, Saul Bass title inspiration

Article comment: A binary kitsch aesthetic combines with Saul Bass-style high contrast animation in the title sequence for Irwin Allen's Lost in Space

The open and closing theme music was written by John Williams...

Here are some example compilations:

...and here are a few interview videos:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Yiddish theater origins

Notes from wiki

Purim plays – the skits performed by amateur companies around the time of the Purim holiday – were a significant early form of theatrical expression.[3] Often satiric and topical, Purim plays were traditionally performed in the courtyard of the synagogue, because they were considered too profane to be performed inside the building. These made heavy use of masks and other theatrical devices; the masquerade (and the singing and dancing) generally extended to the whole congregation, not just a small set of players. While many Purim plays told the story in the Book of Esther commemorated by the Purim holiday, others used other stories from Jewish scripture, such as the story of Joseph sold by his brothers or the sacrifice of Isaac. Over time, these well-known stories became less a subject matter than a pretext for topical and satiric theatre. Mordechai became a standard role for a clown.[6]
Purim plays were published as early as the early 18th century. At least eight Purim plays were published between 1708 and 1720; most of these do not survive (at least some were burned in autos da fe), but one survives in the Jüdische Merkwürdigkeiten (1714), a collection by Johann Jakob Schudt (1664–1722).[7][8]
Additionally, there was a rich tradition of dialogues in the Jewish poetry known as Tahkemoni, dating back at least to Yehuda al-Harizi in 12th-century Spain. Al-Harizi's work contained dialogues between believer and heretic, man and wife, day and night, land and ocean, wisdom and foolishness, avarice and generosity. Such dialogues figured prominently in early Yiddish theatre.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Youtube success

Math Shows Some Black Holes Erase Your Past and Give You Unlimited Futures

Math Shows Some Black Holes Erase Your Past and Give You Unlimited Futures Posted by BeauHD  from the gone-in-the-blink-of-an-eye dept.

dmoberhaus writes:An international team of mathematicians has found that there are theoretical black holes that would allow an observer to survive passage through the event horizon. This would result in the breakdown of determinism, a fundamental feature of the universe that allows physics to have predictive power, and result in the destruction of the observer's past and present them with an infinite number of futures.The findings were detailed in a report published last week in Physical Review Letters.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Taboo comedy topics

I made this list the other day, seems like there are several topics that comedians all attempt to address - retard and midget jokes come to mind immediately and social topics like race and sexual preference. Not a lot of people tackling transgender, but that's the real challenge I think, not just to shock but to actually make the issues approachable for at least the sake of free speech if there's a legitimate point.

Comedy is used for addressing dark subjects, and humor can be the result of building tension and making people uncomfortable, but also the idea of saying lucid and outside of the subject which may help create a more objective point of view or put the dark subject into perspective or context.

Example 1: The Aristocrats joke told by Gilbert Godfrey after 9/11 - had nothing to do with 9/11, but the raw nature of his very graphic and sordid joke served to break the tension and enormous gravity of the tragic event - pure escapism.

Example 2: Comedy Central Roasts - the whole point being to say things that might be hurtful if it weren't for understanding the point is to roast. I thought it was interesting to hear that those being roasted already pre-approve the topics or jokes ahead of time - Charlie Sheen said no jokes about his mother.

who has license - why white or heterosexuals cannot make jokes about other minority groups or women

The woking list of taboo topics:

all vulnerabilities: tragedies
personal insecurities and public humiliation - any vice, failure, physical appearance
low brow - midgets, retards, sex, bathroom humor, body parts
tragic events like 9/11, the holocaust, slavery, mass shootings, suicide, murder, abortion
abuse, animal abuse, molestation, rape
male taboos - being closeted or unmasculine
female taboos - being slutty or unfeminine
Sexual acts condemned by society, religion, or considered perversion: 
homosexuality, incest, beastiality, sodomy, pornography
racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny
irreverence towards religion or religious figures
irreverence towards political groups or officials
old people
illness and death
mental illness
being ugly
violence, threats
drunk driving
seven deadly sins: vices: jim gaffigan - gluttony - brian regan - feeling stupid, shame, rage
louis ck - being a pervert, hating children, gluttony, shame
Use of sarcasm