Fictional User Interfaces, Film User Interfaces, Future User Interfaces. That is what we used to call them. Now we call them 3D User Interfaces. Why, because the future is here!

Over the past two years, Virtual and Augmented Reality has changed the face of User Interface design as we know it. The UI we see in Video Games, Film and TV shows are finally possible.
Design as a profession has changed monumentally over the past 20 years too and remains tethered to the industrialisation of our craft, the role of a designer has been forced to evolve by a combination of defining moments in our industry. The dot-com bubble, the decline of print and the explosion of social media. Then again with the huge push for online video and the challenge to disguise advertising as native content.
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Whether we see this as a gift or a curse, the next stage of our evolution is 360° Video and Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality experiences.

So how do we design for it?

In July 2015, I reached a turning point. What I had been doing for the past 15 years no longer excited me. I wanted to expand my skill set, and VR seemed a natural evolution as I felt nobody was approaching this medium correctly. So I decided to set up my consultancy (akanoodles) to fill the gap in the market created by VR’s resurgence.