Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston bomber description controversy

First in the news I saw a report of a 'white male' suspect (no problem saying that), but when someone referred to a 'dark skinned male' the sensors rolled out (National Association of Black Journalists).  Now, the latest suspect photos - two men of middle eastern origin.

Can't we just concentrate on catching the bomber, whoever it is? I doubt the families of the victims are worried about racial profiling. Clearly, the different political camps are focused on what this event means for their agendas - immigration, gun control, race, religion, etc. This race pimp who makes his career bashing 'white privilege' at Salon writes how we should hope the bomber is a white American.

The Feds are now forbidden to use racial profiling for immigration enforcement, and the AP style guide drops reference to 'illegal immigrants' because it 'dehumanizes'. Frankly, I find our media culture dehumanizing - tabloid news and sensationalism, social media dominating our political direction. I certainly wouldn't look to journalists to set standards for defining humanity.

I guess in the future when I call the police to report a crime in progress,  I should just say there is an entity committing a crime - no gender, color or other descriptive - i can't say if they are tall or short because it's all subjective to my own ethno-gender-morpho-centric- point of view. I will count on the dispatcher to prompt me in a thoughtful and sensitive way.

I'd actually be culpable for making an aggressive accusation, if, for example, this would-be criminal entity may have mistaken my car for their own and were merely trying to get in through the window with a brick only because they were upset that their keys wouldn't open my door, and in fact I may have caused them great distress by not applying a warning label to my vehicle stating 'caution: this may not be your car. It is in fact property of 'owner's name here', and provide a QR code that allows download of the owner's social security number, credit report, dna sequence, and a friend request on Facebook. It's all about sharing these days anyway. Not just sharing - redistribution and above all FAIRNESS!

Let's all march in rows wearing red coats so history can repeat itself. After all, the West has never been famous for prevention. Just drive the car until it breaks down. Thanks to Democrats and Republicans for helping pimp our ride.