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Time Warner assets

Time Warner Inc. is the world's third largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue, after Comcast and The Walt Disney Company. It is also the second largest in terms of entertainment brands in the world after Disney[1][2]
This is a listing of all of its brands, as shown at the company's website.

Current assets[edit]


Turner Broadcasting System[edit]

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.[edit]

Warner Bros. Pictures Group[edit]

Warner Bros. Television Group[edit]

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group[edit]

Other units[edit]

Former assets[edit]


Dormant or shuttered[edit]

These are Time Warner divisions which have been closed or folded into another part of the company.
  • Associated Artists Productions - bought Popeye cartoons and pre-1950 WB library in 1956; the latter library would find its way back to Warner ownership in 1996 as part of the Turner merger (which also incorporated the Popeye cartoons)
  • World Championship Wrestling (WCW) - Video library, selected wrestler contracts and other intellectual property sold to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc., now known as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), through its subsidiary W. Acquisition Company (which was subsequently renamed WCW Inc. following the sale) in 2001.[6] The promotion itself, which is still owned by Time Warner, reverted to its previous name, Universal Wrestling Corporation,[7] and now functions solely to deal with old contracts and lawsuits.[8]
  • Monogram Pictures/Allied Artists Pictures Corporation - sold to Lorimar in 1979
  • Interstate Television - founded in early 1950s as the TV arm of Allied Artists, became Allied Artists Television in 1960s and was folded into Lorimar with the rest of AAPC in 1979
  • Picturehouse - renamed from Fine Line Features in 2005, closed in 2008; reopened in 2013 as an independent studio
  • National General Pictures - sold to Warner Bros. in 1973
  • WildStorm Productions - dissolved into DC Comics in 2011
  • Midway - shut down under bankruptcy

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