Sunday, October 30, 2016

Natural language processing (NLP) + deep learning vs. natural language understanding (NLU)

AT&T + IBM = IOT dev. (July 2016)

IOT dev platforms: M2X & Flow Designer:



AT&T Watson 

About AT&T Watson:

AT&T WATSONSM is AT&T's speech and language engine that integrates a variety of speech technologies, including network-based, speaker-independent automatic speech recognition (ASR), AT&T Labs Natural Voices® text-to-speech conversion, natural language understanding (which includes machine learning), and dialog management tasks.
WATSON has been used within AT&T for IVR customers, including AT&T's VoiceTone® service, for over 20 years during which time the algorithms, tools, and plug-in architecture have been refined to increase accuracy, convenience, and integration. Besides customer care IVR, AT&T WATSONSMhas been used for speech analytics, mobile voice search of multimedia data, video search, voice remote, voice mail to text, web search, and SMS.

Name origin: Alexander Graham Bell's assistant, Thomas A. Watson. VS. IBM's first President, Thomas J. Watson:



Video from 2012


Company claiming to have natural language understanding: