Saturday, September 10, 2016

VR for working on a pc - virtual desktop

I'm thinking about how using a VR headset could create an immersive and possibly more intuitive work experience for those who use computers, particularly for graphic applications, but inclusive of common desktop apps.

Questions include:

- use of an AR headset with an option to isolate the view to the desktop

- question of keyboard use - does the user see a keyboard in the view or just rely on tactile feedback

- do applications require modifications to accommodate new ways of interaction - for example, gesture-based or glove-interface manual manipulation to replace mouse cursor input / control, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

- ergonomics of gesture interaction over time - body support for sustained use

Examples online:

Realistic hand control in VR: 

Augment with gleechi for hand control and Manus VR or NeuroDigital's GloveOne for haptic feedback

Virtual desktop - use of keyboard and mouse, replaces monitor with HTC Vive and Oculus headsets, running on Windows 10:

Mouse replacement options, including brainwave input: