Friday, March 4, 2016

Ted Cruz has something on his lip

Did anyone notice the little white whatever-it-was that appeared on Ted's lip in last night's debate? It was kind of hard to miss.

I did a youtube search for "ted cruz debate something on his lip" and immediately got a couple of hits, so it was pretty noticeable.

Update: More detailed notations on this debate by many others here. I was just musing over what I witnessed first thing the next morning, obviously I was not alone. Plus, I missed the first half of the debate and missed the exchange whereby Trump and Rubio questioned the size of each other's manhood.

I don't know if it was a pus chunk or a left over popcorn tid bit or quite what, but without a doubt it was not just a spit bubble. It emerged and kind of hopscotched back and forth between upper and lower. One can only speculate at what point it hit his radar, but he finally gave it the hook:

Honestly, Ted, it would have been better to wipe it away and even acknowledge it, maybe hold it up for the camera and speculate about what it might be for the audience. "As President I will never give up the fight, just like this piece of cauliflower that has apparently been clinging to my lower incisors since dinner."

It's hard enough to take him seriously with that oh-so-serious expression, those eyebrows pointing up like he's giving a eulogy.  But, add on a dancing pus nugget and I'm shaking my head.

Also, Rubio landed an impressive zinger after The Donald had been roasted repeatedly for flip-flopping his position on so many issues and defended by saying great leaders have to be "flexible".