Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Using Oculus / VR headset to sculpt in 3D

Just curious, had always dreamed to sculpt in 3D using a VR headset and thought to google, find out what's going on now:

Here's a discussion from March 2015:


Also, found a testimonial on an industrial design LinkedIn group
for Geomagic Freeform which is a haptic modeler.

From Christopher Pardell:

"...Freeform. Which is still the Bugatti of modeling apps.
It uses haptics so that you can literally FEEL the surface of the model as you work on it, and for that reason is the fastest to master and gives you the best sense of the virtual space. 3D systems now has an Entry level version of this software called GSculpt... Much kore affordable and it has most all of the tools you will need to get into modeling. Files produced by GSculpt or FreeForm are always qualified solids, and can go directly to any 3D printer, or mill that can run from STL... Although the top version of FreeForm also has the most sophisticated surfacing capabilities as well. GSculpt and FreeForm also have limited subDivision modeling capabilities for rapidly generating very complex forms....and FreeForm Modeling Plus includes sophisticated mold and drafting tools for generating models that are perfectly drafted, or, even for generating models of injection tooling directly... Which will become more important as 3D printed tooling becomes more prevalent.

Of these, FreeForm is the king. It will take you a year to really master Solidworks.
You can master FreeForm in about a month. FreeForm also deals with 3D space in a far more relatable way that makes it fast and facile. For example, Nike's shoes are designed on FreeForm systems. I have designed very thing from engagement rings, to a 30' boat on FreeForm. From animatronic characters and the tooling to produce them, to a 40' long amusement park attraction, to a replica Ferarri."