Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pro Life : End of Life and Eugenics

Being physicians, I understand that Ron and Rand Paul have a different perspective, but I struggled to understand why they would take a pro-life stance - it seems counter to the Libertarian values of freedom to choose, and opposition to government coercion. At first, I wondered whether Rand was embracing a pro-life stance as a way of appealing to the far right, running as a Republican, despite the damage it might do to his candidacy.

I searched for more about Rand's pro-life stance, and found a conversation in which Rand made a brief reference to end of life considerations, and I immediately wondered whether he was concerned about eugenics.

Here's Rand Paul's delivery at Liberty University, and he specifically speaks about eugenics and alludes to the film Gattaca. I've since heard more discussion of "death panels" surrounding Obamacare. The speech was followed by lots of buzz about plagiarism from wiki, which not only misses the point, but perhaps underscores the tendency for this administration to attack anyone with a threatening point of view.