Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sinead O'Connor's open letter to Miley Cyrus: Cool or Not Cool?

Here's the story:

So, is this cool or not cool?

Cool to send her a message about self respect, maybe too extreme in that no doubt, sex appeal is part of the picture, but should not be muted to a point of turning into Sinead O'Connor who was certainly pretty as a young woman, and I believe that was a factor of her success. I wonder if Sinead ever launched criticism at Madonna, or if that would have made her look jealous to be critical of her contemporary, and certainly Madonna wasn't coerced into putting her hand down the pants of Marky Mark Wahlberg or whoever it was. Ah, thanks to wiki, here's a little tid-bit about O'Connor vs. Madonna. Guess she didn't really dress down Madonna about being too oversexy (how could she, Madonna dresses herself down):

In November 1991, a year prior to the incident, O'Connor had told Spin Magazine:
Madonna is probably the hugest role model for women in America. There's a woman who people look up to as being a woman who campaigns for women's rights. A woman who in an abusive way towards me, said that I look like I had a run in with a lawnmower and that I was about as sexy as a Venetian blind. Now there's the woman that America looks up to as being a campaigner for women, slagging off another woman for not being sexy.[63]
Maybe also cool that Sinead chooses to send this statement as an open letter for the benefit of other women and as an opportunity to expose the direction of the industry. But maybe it would have been more sincere, personal and effective as a private letter to Miley, and less a podium. She could always follow up with an editorial addressing the issue and I'm sure she'd get heard, but this is likely far more newsworthy and attention-getting for spreading the cause, and possibly a way to affect Miley, so I wouldn't insist it wasn't a worthy gesture. But, I wonder if the embarrassment will overcome the encouragement and cause rebellion. Thankfully she anchored the message with praise and recognition of her talent.

I vote 'Pretty cool'. One has to keep it in context - after all, it's Sinead O'Connor, not Tipper Gore.

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