Thursday, August 1, 2013

Branding for Fox News Latino

Why does the branding/font for Fox News Latino look like a label for a wild animal display?
Or is it more evocative of guerilla warfare or communist rebels?

Red, italicized, and slightly calligraphic but as if it were either written in blood or shredded into flesh by a big cat or possibly a machete. That's silly - cats don't know calligraphy.

And they used the whole map of the globe minus the poles to represent Latino?
Is this meant to include Latin Europe?
It's either a sign of political correctness, patronizing grandeur, or Fox is just plain being greedy.

Regardless, it's clearly spicy and zesty and possibly savage or slightly war-torn.

Now, I know it's Fox - so, in this polarized society, maybe you're a democrat and you think it's a negative, anti-amnesty, warning-kind-of look. Or, you're a Republican, and you figure it's a way to reach the demographic that both parties are dying to win. But, if you're an independent, it's just kind of funny and you'd just like to peek behind the curtain on the marketing.

The real question is how do Latinos feel when they see it? Does the marketing connect?

On a similar note, I won't even begin to address the notion of 'urban' demographics.
After all, some folks targeted in the so-called 'urban' demographic live in the sub-urbs, ya know.

The worst stereotypes are those manufactured by media.

More thoughts on Latino branding from NBC commentator Julio Ricardo Varela:

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