Saturday, July 13, 2013

Racism for ratings

Questioning how the CBS show 'Big Brother' capitalizes on the hot button of racism, I searched the phrase 'big brother racism scripted' - yes, I question whether it's scripted, encouraged, or deliberately personality screened in order to produce a desired result. By linking the obsession over bullying with racism, we can yield a perfect example to showcase how white racism is alive and well, exactly in time to heat up the social climate during the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case, in time to roast Paula Deen, and whatever else can become a media sensation. Not to question whether 'white racism' exists (which is a whole other topic), but certainly to examine why it is being punched up in the media, and during a time when amnesty and universal care are on the table, and the President is pushing social agendas and leveraging hostility amongst classes and races. Note, gay issues - e.g. marriage/scouting - are typically linked with the same discrimination/bullying concern, but the White House passed the buck to let the states decide on gay marriage, unlike the handling of the Arizona/New Mexico laws.,0,4071933.story

Excerpt from the article:

Though the offending comments on "Big Brother" were made during the show’s online feed, CBS aired them on Sunday’s broadcast. The controversy has given the show's sagging ratings a boost. "Big Brother" host Julie Chen, who is married to CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, said on her daytime show “The Talk” that she was personally “stung” and “hurt” by the "Big Brother" comments, comparing them to “bullying.”

Asked about the differing responses to potentially offending comments on its scripted and reality shows, CBS executives replied, "No comment."

Excerpt from this article:

"Late Monday night, less than a week after CBS launched the 15th season of Big Brother with possibly its biggest, sexiest, most odious and outlandish collection of personalities yet, reports began to spread via social media that several contestants had been expressing racist, homophobic and misogynistic sentiments and language. (The bile and bigotry was viewed by super-fans who choose to watch the show’s live, uncensored Internet feed.) By Tuesday morning, media outlets were posting reports on the controversy, and a former BB contestant, Ragan Fox, called on CBS to use the footage on the network show ASAP. From his website: “‘Big Brother’ I LOVE you, but, if you really want to provide a groundbreaking twist, SHOW CBS VIEWERS HOW SOME STRAIGHT, WHITE PEOPLE talk about gays, Asian Americans, and African Americans…” (Emphasis all his.) "